Is Your Residential or Commercial Building Looking Its Best?

3 ways to quickly improve your Zeeland, Hudsonville, MI property

Just like everything else, your property ages. Although some long-term wear and tear is unnoticeable, most roof, gutter and siding damage is lamentably obvious. Do you really want to welcome friends or potential clients into a dilapidated building? Here are three easy ways to improve your property's appearance. (Hint: you'll need a reliable roofing contractor in Zeeland, Michigan.)

1. Repair your warped and molded siding

If you hire a less than competent contractor, you may find that your vinyl siding isn't adequately protected. Without a waterproof barrier, your siding will be susceptible to mold spores, moisture problems and more. Hire Town Corners Roofing and Exteriors to renovate your Zeeland siding. We'll tear off the old and properly install the new.

2. Schedule Hudsonville, MI gutter cleaning

Did you know that gutter clogs can place severe strain on your roof? If your gutters are blocked, contact the Town Corners experts at 616-772-9700 for the best gutter services near Zeeland. We'll swiftly remove:

  • Moldy leaves
  • Excess water
  • Animal debris

We might even find that missing football of yours! Proactively maintain your gutters and enjoy your roof for longer. Should your gutters be completely ruined, request your free gutter installation estimate from Zeeland, Michigan's preferred contractor - Town Corners Roofing and Exteriors.

3. Install new metal or shingle roofing

Watching a home transform from a local eyesore to a neighborhood gem is always a rewarding process. The Town Corners team has spent the past 16 years perfecting our roofing techniques. Call 616-772-9700 when your Zeeland, MI property could use new:

  • Standard shingles
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Accent roofing

Be sure to ask about our 10% military discount when you schedule your free estimate!

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